The acts of the Mothers

Ma’aleh Aduim, Israel
כל זמן ששרה קיימת היה נר דלוק מערב שבת לערב שבת, וברכה מצויה בעיסה, וענן קשור על האוהל
רש”י פרשת חי-שרה

What do you do for a window in a girls’ school that’s in memory of a woman named Sarah?

 This window in AMIT school in Ma’aleh Adumim, was dedicated in memory of Sarah…  by her siblings. So I thought that using the foremothers as inspiration would be the way to go. I also wanted this window to be bright and colorful, so that being in a school it will make for a positive atmosphere and maybe even inspire. My inspiration for the window was Chagall.

Sarah was the first mother. She was also a prophetess, a spiritual guide and shepherdess (the lamb) to her flock. That is why Abraham was told to listen to all she had to say as she was spiritually higher than him. Sarah was also known for her hospitality (the tent) and the 3 blessings that were  always present in her tent, the candles, the cloud and the bountiful dough. 

The candles also symbolize Shalom Bayit and their light, the Divine inspiration that envelops a marriage when it has God and peace in it.

The hands pouring the water are the hands of Rebeccah which symbolize the ability to give unconditionally and the idea of saying little yet doing much.

The top left hand corner has Rachel , the eternal mother of Israel waiting for her children to return home. She symbolizes the power of prayer and also hope for a better future.

In the center stands the family, with love and devotion to each other. Caring and nurturing the next generation into the future and being a small part of infinity.

Barak Uranovsky
Glass Artist

[email protected]
Bnei Reem, Israel