Jerusalem on High

Petach Tikva, Israel
אמר הקדוש ברוך הוא: לא אבוא בירושלים של מעלה עד שאבוא לירושלים של מטה.
תענית ה

There is a midrash that talks about the two ideas of Jerusalem. The one is the physical Jerusalem that we see before us, the other is the spiritual idea of Jerusalem. This shule wanted a Jerusalem in stained glass above their Holy ark. I thought that this would be the perfect time to explore this Midrash. So in a “Chaggalesque” way I made the lower, physical, Jerusalem wrapped in a Tallit that comes down from its spiritual counterpart above. Whilst the upper Jerusalem is made of all the colors of the rainbow coming together into pure white and spiritual light that comes down from above turning into the Tallit that wraps and inspires the lower City. The idea that all disparity has in its essence a oneness that comes from above is a very important idea. The painting on this was a very emotional experience for me.

Barak Uranovsky
Glass Artist

[email protected]
Bnei Reem, Israel